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Gnome 3 Shell Extension - Jenkins CI Server Indicator

If you’re using Jenkins CI Server, as I do, to deploy your software projects (and I absolutely recommend you to do so ;-) ), you might be interested in this Gnome 3 Shell Extension I built. The Jenkins CI Server Indicator Gnome 3 Shell Extension gives you a quick overview of all your jobs by indicating their state with a little icon in the top menu bar of the Gnome 3 Shell. The extension is of course free and open source.

Jenkins Indicator Gnome 3 Shell Extension

The extension requires access to the Jenkins CI Server web frontend. You can set up the URL and many other settings using the settings dialog.


  • Monitor multiple Jenkins instances or Jenkins dashboard views
  • Trigger jobs
  • Get notifications for finished jobs
  • Filter your jobs by build state
  • One click takes you to the Jenkins web frontend
  • And yes, is does have green balls :-D (thx to negesti)
  • … (there will be more soon)

You can get the Jenkins Indicator at the regular Gnome Extensions Library. It can conveniently be installed like any other extension from this site just by clicking the button next to it. Alternatively you can install the latest development version manually from the git repository (which is not as difficult as it sounds). Installation instructions can be found in the repository as well.

Jenkins Indicator is written in JavaScript. Until now there is no API documentation for developing Gnome 3 Shell Extensions available :-(. Jenkins Indicator is open source and publicly hosted at GitHub. If you intend to develop a Gnome 3 Shell Extension yourself, you can look at the sources of Jenkins Indicator at GitHub. I tried to insert as many comments as possible. If you still have questions about the sources, feel free to contact me. I hope I can provide some clarification on how to develop Gnome 3 Shell Extensions this way. Also, I am happy about all kinds of contributions (suggestions, feedback, bug reports, code, translations, …).